Clash of the Titans 3D

Okay it has been awhile since I have been on here but I haven’t been watching too many movies lately. I have been anticipating this movie since watching the first trailer for it.  I had heard the critiscm from reviewers and naysayers because the production compnay decided to go with an Indian based company who has a new method to convert movies to the 3D format at a faster and cheaper pace. This does tarnish the quality just a little bit I would say however…… it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. The lackluster 3D quality may actually make the movie a good in between 2D and Avatar like 3D. Some of the 3D movies make you kinda sick after 30 minutes. Anyways onto the actual movie review, sorry for the rant. The movie opens extremely slow ang boring, with that being said as the movie progresses so does the pace. The scenery is amazing, the characters are what you would expect and the action scenes are spot on. The creature effects were really detailed and honestly if the movie would have been an hour longer I wouldn’t have minded because I am a fan of greek mythology and fantasy creatures. The storyline and what happens throughout the movie are 95% predictable, nothing will surprise you and there are some comedic moments which should make you laugh. All in all I would recomend seeing this if it peaked your interest at all and I will not say whether to see 2D or 3D it comes down to what you want to watch and if you want to pay extra. Either movie will probably entertain you enough to feel satisfied. One last note, the kraken is immense! Think Cloverfield times 10.

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  1. Hi There,

    I’d just like to point out that it was actually the LA branch of Prime Focus that pioneered the View-D (2D-3D conversion) technology, rather than their Indian branch. Furthermore, it is not so much that their technology is faster and cheaper, but rather that they own the rights to View-D and as the technology was only unveiled in September 2009 no other company has since developed any competition to it. In my opinion it looks exactly the same as footage filmed in 3D, and saves production companies an awful lot of time and effort as it allows them to shoot in 2D and edit in 3D.

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