Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Paul Blart is a film that is boring from beginning to end. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a comedy film directed by Steve Carr and starring Kevin James.

The film centers around the life of Paul Blart (James) and his guarding of an American mall. Paul constantly fails his police exams and suffers from Hypoglycemia (needs sugar to stay awake). One day a new woman moves into the mall and he takes a liking to her. He is despised by everyone else in the mall and everyone just writes him off after they meet him. After a new guy comes joins security, Paul shows him the ropes with some funny consequences. Paul is like the guard at the front gate who considers himself head of the company and is extremely proud of his job. When terrorists break into the mall, paul decides to take back the mall, win Amy’s heart and finally get respect he wants. During his quest he meets a heart broken boy who thinks¬†Paul is cheating with¬†his girlfriend, a segway vs skateboard chase and a fight between Paul and a fat woman.

The film just dragged on, the pacing was horrible and i was only kept from leaving because of the occasional action scenes that are the best parts of the movie. The plot is very bad and we are supposed to0 feel for Paul and his family, but we only ever see Paul happy and the only time he’s down is with his daughter (who looks doesn’t look as young as shes supposed to be) and these scenes usually end up as jokes. The action scenes are pretty fun but are brief and lifeless. there is constantly breaks in the action and most of the action feels the same save for some brief fights. plot involving the break in does give a decent twist but it isn’t really interesting and i’m sure that children will get bored quickly when the action isn’t on. There is some funny moments in Paul Blart, such as when Paul gets drunk at a party and goes crazy. Other scenes give a giggle but are mostly cheap lame jokes.

The acting is pretty good despite the shoddy plot. Kevin James gives a great and funny performance as the titular character, and the scenes when his character is genuinely funny. Supporting actors do a decent job as-well but some characters seem out of place. Pudah is a boy who fantasises over one of Paul’s friends daughters and when he accidentally phones Paul, they become friends. His scenes aren’t really needed and children won’t find him funny and will probably lose interest (along with adults) the only reason he is in the film i because he tracks the phone with a GPS. (that’s not creepy)

Overall, Paul Blart has its moments but overall it drags on and isn’t very interesting. Its good soundtrack and acting aren’t enough to save it from being bad. i would recommend it to any age but be warned that kids will probably become bored with the film. I would recommend you give it a rent but only as a last result.

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