The Wolfman

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this movie for the most part. I think maybe my expectations were a little  too high.  I am glad the movie kept it’s dark tone throughout without adding the hollywood humor that they seem to inject into everything which doesn’t always work.  The main factor that was this movies downfall was the storyline and pacing. It just always seemed slow and like something should have been happening but wasn’t.  The special effects were spot on as was the gore. The violence and gore in some parts looked good but were cheesy at the same time.  The transformation sequence was really good and overall I would say people will enjoy this as a rental.  This was an average grade movie and I will rate it as such. If your into werewolf movies by all means check this out but other than the sporadic gore and special effects this will not win you over as a must have by any means.

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