Humble Pie

When I heard about this film, I really wanted to see it, because Hubbel Palmer was in it and wasn’t a stupid movie, in a sense of The Sasquatch Gang. I saw that it was on the Instant Queue on Netflix, so I watched it, and thought that it was beautifully done and that it was very funny and creative and sad. I found that Hubbel Palmer also wrote it, and that he came up with the original story for it. As I was watching, I couldn’t help but make the decision to start liking Billy Baldwin, who played an actor and acting coach, more than Alec. The film had great acting and funny elements in it that made it one of the best movies I’ve seen recently.

Overweight outer-youth Tracey Orbison (Palmer) is going through life with a good attitude, and is hoping that he can be happy with friends and with his family, both groups are more screwed up than a hanging bookshelf. When Tracey confronts his own life in a sense of making himself something by starting to be involved in an acting class, he creates a bond with the instructor (Baldwin), who is a worn-down stage actor.

The best aspects of the film are the screenplay, which is beautifully written, and the acting from Palmer, Baldwin, Bruce McGill, and all of the supporting cast.

Bottom Line: A. Good film, good rating.

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