Title: “Die Hard With A Vengeance”
Year: 1995
Run Time: 131mins
Genre: Action, Adventure, Suspence
Cast: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson
Director: John McTiernan

Plot: John McLane (Bruce Willis) returns for the third installment of the Die Hard franchise. The recently divorced, recently suspended and on the brink of an alcohol problem is called back into action by a terrorist, Simon (Jeremy Irons) who is holding the city of New York hostage with several tonnes of explosive. His demands? For Liuetenant McLane to follow his riddles and tasks which may lead to where the bombs are and possibly save the city. Joining Lt. McLane is Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson), a shopkeeper who saves his Mclane’s life when one of the tasks brings their paths together.

“-who is this?
-Call me Simon.
-What d’ya want?
-I want to play a game.”

From the moment you hear those words you are hooked. The premise is great, a terrorist with copious amounts of explosives, your average will-do-anything-to-stop-the-bad-guys cop and a shopkeeper are thrown together in a battle of wits. Now I somehow wound up watching this film before the first two in the series and I loved it. I do believe this was the best one in the franchise. I watched it expecting a good action movie and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s intense and thrilling, packed with explosions, gunfights and everything you want in a fast paced action movie.

What works:
Willis and Jackson are great in their roles and bring a great chemistry to screen with their banter. Irons does bring charm to his character and for a long duration of the movie you forget that you’re meant to resent him.

What doesn’t work:
All this aside, the movie does have its flaws. Irons does bungle his impression of an American accent. There are some plot continuity flaws. Some scenes were clearly cut that were key to the plot. There are some inconsistencies with the character of Simon. And you have to wonder just how many clips does McLane carry with him.

Who will enjoy this movie:
Action junkies, definitely something fun to rent for movie night with friends and family.

Must see? Yes. Must Have? Yes.

My Score: 8.85 out of 10

“That’s a white man with white problems. You deal wih him”- Zeus Carver