This film is directed and written by the very talented Floria Sigismondi. She starts the film off by introducing the characters before they became rock legends living in Southern California. Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) always knew she was different and loved embracing it. From outlandish outfits to a dramatic hair cut. Currie was destined for something but never guessed she would be involved in making history. Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) is the eccentric hard core rocker hunting for a chance to be heard. Jett sees famous rock genius, Kim Frowley (Michael Shannon), and pitches her idea of starting an all-girl rock band. Frowley sees gold and gets to work. The band is almost complete until Frowley realizes that they need an eye candy to be lead singer. Frowley and Jett begin searching in a night bar, they see Currie and make an instant connection. The Runaways are born making history as the first all-girl rock bank. They become a success until troubles begin to separate the girls. From Currie getting all the public attention to her abuse on drug use. Can Currie get back on the same page to rock the hearts of the World? Will Jett decide to replace Currie as the lead singer?


I never heard of The Runaways and after listening to their songs, I became an instant fan. I love how the girls are so unique with their playability of their instruments. These girls can rock! I’m all about woman empowerment and watching this film makes me proud to be a strong woman. My favorite line in the movie is the classic stereotype for anything some men and women say women can’t do. The band is doing a microphone check for an upcoming concert when two men stop them and one of them say, “Women can’t do rock and roll.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. Their success in the film and in real life felt like a reply to the man by saying, “Watch me.” I love the dedication Stewart and Fanning committed to their roles. The way Stewart walks is identical to the real Jett and Fanning’s on-stage performance looked like I was actually watching the show in the 70’s. The director did a phenomenal job telling girls story. She didn’t just want to make the film be about their music, but about how their personalities evolved from the birth, success and after the Runaways. I would watch this movie ten times over. Great film!