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Hello, fellow movie reviewers.

I come to you with a question that I need answered. You see, I have seen many movies, and made many reviews, and I can’t remember which movies I have reviewed and haven’t, and so I am just not going to do any more reviews (unless it is a top # review) on the movies I have seen, and will only do them on recently seen movies. So, ladies and gentlemen, I GRACIOUSLY ask you all to PLEASE, PLEASE help me and tell me the names of some movies that I could watch (list a lot if you can) so that I can make some reviews.

I thank you all for even reading this and allowing your loved (or hated, I’d love to see the hated) movies to be shared with me.

Thank you so much,

J.C. Simpson

15 thoughts on “CALLING ALL REVIEWERS: Ideas Are Needed!”

  1. You desperately need a challenge. Hmmm.
    What to do, What to do.

    Amores Perros – it has english subtitles (you’ll thank me)
    Raising Arizona
    Million Dollar Baby

  2. Already seen all of them and loved all of them (bet you never thought I’d heard of Amores Perros, but I found it at Blockbuster in the $2.99 bin). Anything you never would have heard of had you not seen it, or a movie you hated or anything of that nature?

  3. What about ‘Gaau Ji’, or ‘Dumplings’? That’s difficult enough to watch, let alone sit and contemplate.

  4. hmm. I’ve never heard of Gaau Ji and never of Dumplings… let me check and see what they’re about… hmm. I’ll have to watch them then. Thank you for the recommendation.

  5. Sorry, I didn’t make that very clear. They’re the same film, ‘Dumplings’ is just the English title.

    Good luck – I had to watch it in about 4 sittings because I just had to turn it off at various points. I don’t think a film has ever made me feel so uncomfortable. Mind you, I haven’t seen The Human Centipede yet…

  6. I love your reviews by the way :-)) I haven’t seen any reviews on this site for: “Gia” starring Angelina Jolie and “PS” starring Laura Linney (both in my opinion are pretty ‘controversial’). Also haven’t seen a review here on “Rules of Engagement” with Samuel L Jackson – probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!!

  7. Rules of Engagement was indeed good, and PS was as well. Gia was good, and in my opinion was one of Angelina Jolie’s best roles, and not just because of the infamous hotel hallway scene. The films you listed were good, and since there are none for them, I figure that I’ll write them. Thanks for the compliment, by the way, I appreciate it a lot.

  8. Hi. First of all I love the way you review movies. Have you tried the following:

    The Promotion (this kind of boring to me)
    I can’t think straight
    Stranger than Fiction

    I’m not sure if these movies already have reviews from you.

  9. you might be interested to watch the following movie , each one of them is inspirational in there own way…….and i won’t be surprised if you have watched all them.
    but please do reply…

    1. coco avant Chanel
    2. Amelie
    3. crossroads
    4. scoop
    5. Mr. magorium’s wonder emporium
    6. prestige
    7. nick and Norah’s infinite play list
    8. the terminal
    9. love and other disasters.
    10. under the Tuscan sun

  10. and one more ….Billy Elliot ….if you haven’t seen this one , then you must have missed something really good . please review about it.

    p.s. your reviews are just incredible.

  11. As if you haven’t received enough ideas lol.

    Here’s two that are gripping and full of twists. Should be great to review:

    Malice (Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman)
    Primal Fear (Mr Gere, Ed Norton)

  12. I did a review on Primal Fear (I think!) and Malice… that was good, I might do one on that. Thanks Charleen! And Dishant1990, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it, and I have seen all of them except for Billy Elliot, I’ll watch that one and do a review on it, and xylon12, again, thanks very much for the compliment, and I have seen all of them, though I don’t believe that I have done a review on any of them. I’ll do one on Beerfest. So there is three reviews coming soon. Thanks everyone for your support and ideas! Hope you like the upcoming reviews!

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