Lo (2009)

Though the graphics and was often cheesy and reminiscent of the Evil Dead films, the film was actually quite good. Whether it intended to seem like it was made in the ’80’s or not, the film succeeded, and the plot was quite well done. It would have been a better play, though, the way it was made and took place, along with the fact that there was music being sung by the cast. The original score was well done, and the writing, though at times cheesy, was also well done.

The film is about a man named Justin who summons the demon Lo (played by Jeremiah Birkett) to find, in Hell, his girlfriend April, who he loved. The two have comedic and dramatic conversation, and the film is at times quite funny and at others very stimulating and dramatically musing.

Best Aspects: Good, creative directing, fun characters, a good, sound plot, and a twist that you almost never see coming (though one thing gave it away a minute or two before it was shown).

Bottom Line: B. The film will certainly not be liked by a few people because of its obvious low-budget style and its awkwardness, but the fact remains that the film is highly respectable, for it is the first of its kind to have some demons, a musical, a drama, and a good twist all rolled into one. I would recommend seeing this if you like to experiment with what you watch, and enjoy when a lower budget ends with a bigger applause.

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