When we see the best dream of lifetime where food comes down as rain and society start taking whatever they want, and order more food I can only say Cloudy with the chance of meatballs help. It composes funny cartoons and also some good looking father and son belief till the end where a person called as Flint manages to design a super machine that can convert water to food. I wished I had this machine in my real life. The movie is directed by Christopher Miller and written by Phil Lord. It is a 3D spectacle that can leave the viewers surprised by the gigantic food stuffs raining and hitting hard when danger approaches. Sony pictures manage to give another visual delight that is truly based upon the book with same title written by Judi Barett.

It is all about Flint (Bill Hader) a young aspiring scientist who designs a specific device that can convert water to food by means of complex mutations. This point of story is way behind laws of physics and using all the cinematic liberties I can say just watch the movie for getting entertained.  He is not much supported from his father (James Cann) but he does get the support from his girl friend Sam (Anna Faris) a weather reporter. He launches the device and with certain malfunctioning the machine reaches the sky and now it starts taking water from sky and deliver food as rain to the public. Based on this activities Flint earns a good name and becomes famous. Flint says he has control with a danger meter that always keeps ticking and beyond a point it loses its control and all we get is danger signal. Is Flint responsible for all this? How is he going to face the public? How will he regain his trust with his father? These questions are answered in the movie.

Small child more looked like Dexter in his secret laboratory designs something and his mother always trust him and had hopes on it. He never gave up and starts making certain devices of his own kind like Remote control TV that walks with legs and so on. The beginning gave the insight of the character and his brain power. But when he grows he does create a machine that defies logic and uses the laws of physics in wrong way but yet he is clever as scientist. With a runtime of 90 minutes it had all kinds of solid slapstick fun some humor and also certain emotional scenes. The tempo was never down. It began well and ended convincingly. We might have seen much kind of movies of this kind and ending is always happy. Romance practice sessions during the first part can be slightly adjusted as because it has no much for the plot to be covered.

It has some great touches of animation work with extra large sized food and also cartoonish kind of feeling gives a lot of scope for children to get wondered. The CGI was fun with pizza missiles striking the plane and also peanut bridge and under tunnel. Everything was about food. We have pizzas, burgers, meat, pie and finally Ice creams. Specifically designed for children this movie promises success in all aspects. It has a logic defying tale but yet manages to give a super ride with parents where money spent on this is all worthy and finally they can leave home saying my son or daughter has enjoyed it.

My word: Funny ride with all sorts of food items in one show with all giant rainfall of foods where the viewers are engaged in 3D dazzle with all sorts of thinking that why I did not have this machine. It is good and will satisfy children. I give B+