I hadn’t watched Babe since I was at least 4. I really didn’t remember any of it. I figured, everyone else liked it.Sitting down to watch it was one of the biggest mistakes that day. I sat/napped through the whole thing. It had a watery plot, with the same “animal rights” message as Charlotte’s Web, but not half as good.  It wasn’t very sweet, and the voice talents were only so-so.  It depicted animal life a little harsher then I’d like to see. I’m not going to call it “dark and frightening”, but it had a little more peril then I was expecting for an talking animal movie.The whole thing had to many characters, making it hard to connect to the individuals and form an audience and screen relationships. And there were titles for every scene. Maybe its an old movie thing, but they really broke it up.

The good things about this movie were the few scenes where the man was alone in the farmhouse with the pig, bonding with him, and realizing what a special pig he has. The farmers part was played well, and I thank the actor for saving the movie.

Other then that, it was a little to frightening for the younger crowd,  and a little to boring for the older crowd. Looking for a good farm animal movie? Try Charlotte’s Web instead.

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