It seems like the older Adam Sandler gets the more calm he is getting. I do not mind that to be honest since he has done some serious work and some lame comedies. Unfortunately the comedic Sandler movies are starting to wear on me a little and I am loosing my love for them. This movie is directed by Dennis Dugan who has worked with Sandler several times in the past with such movies as Happy Gilmore and Bid Daddy. I am not sure where Sandler’s career is going to go from here.


Alright so the plot of this movie is you have a kid’s championship basketball team consisting of Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider. Thirty years after they have won a championship they are brought back together through the funeral of there old coach. It is after that funeral that they decide to spend a weekend with each other and there families in order to catch up and to mourn over the death of there old coach. This leads to a series of mishaps that they run into with each other and with there families. The conflict comes when they run into the same team that they beat for the championship and this team insists that they lost unfairly and they challenge Sandler’s team to a rematch.


As thin as this plot sounds there are some genuine funny moments to it. I do like what the film tries to do with Sandler’s family since he is the most successful his kids at the beginning of the movie are spoiled and bratty but as the film goes on they change and we see that they are good kids. The same can be said about the other kids even though the change is not as drastic. I like that element of the movie because at first you really hate these kids because they are very annoying and over the top bratty. You can tell that this cast are friends and it looked like they had fun making this film which is overall harmless, it is by no means a terrible movie but it is not any good either.


Even though the cast is funny the toilet humour gets irritating quickly. In this movie you have everything from sex jokes to fart jokes which are funny in small amounts but this movie just repeats these jokes over and over again. The editing in this movie is preposterous; there are scenes where the crew are just cracking jokes at each other and the scenes cut before they can even finish what they are saying. I know that the idea of the old rival team wanting revenge is just a plot device but it comes across as pathetic. I mean think about this you have forty year old men complaining about something that happened when they were thirteen years old. I know it is supposed to be funny but I did not find it funny at all. The movie does not know when to quit and what I mean by that is you have scenes in this movie that just drag on forever and once this happens you stop laughing because they get on your nerves.


The movie is so harmless it is something that everyone can enjoy but there is nothing here that should make you run to the theatre to go see it. The film could be fun as a rental for a group of friends or for your family.  I cannot recommend it because the jokes drag on too long and despite a likeable cast the movie comes up short.