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Mr. Popper’s Penguin-Review


            Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) is at the top of his career with one step closer to becoming partner at his firm but at the bottom of his personal life with a divorced wife and two children who do not want to be around him. One day, Popper gets a package from his late father, who was a worldwide traveler, of a penguin. With a deadline approaching of obtaining a new client in order to get his promotion, Popper calls the delivery man who doesn’t speak a lot of English and sends him five more penguins. A short time later, he grows fond of the cold and loud creatures that also bring him closer to his kids and ex-wife.  Family bonding is cut short when a local zoo threatens to take away the penguins and scatter them at different zoos across the US. What will Popper do? Will lose the client and his family? Will the zoo get the penguins? 



                        This is a nice family film. It has kids-only laughs and the sentimental emotions for adults to appreciate family more. I always enjoy watching Jim’s overacting escapades and his “I’ve just got it” revelation face. There is usually a really bad guy in films like these but the only truly bad guy was Popper and his need to put work before family because he had to cope with the same situation as a child. My favorite character was Pippin, the assistant. She likes to speak with words starting with the letter “p”. This film gives a nice moral message and a fun ending. All in all, I will see this film again.

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