Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is at the peak of her life, she’s getting married into a rich family and is quitting her dead end job as a teacher. Her peak quickly spirals down when the groom calls off the wedding and she has to go back to being a teacher living with her craigslist find roommate. Her expectation for her students to succeed is less than nothing, with her drinking alcohol in class, doing drugs in the parking lot and showing movies to students as a leaning tool. She realizes that she needs another rich man to seduce into marriage and she finds one in the new teacher named Russell Gettis (Justin Timberlake). Russell comes from a family fortune and Elizabeth plots to get her hands on it. After chatting with him about his past relationships, she realizes that only one thing catches his eyes, big breasts. Getting breast implants is very expensive, so she uses different methods of taking it from the school. Her biggest competition to getting Russell and winning teacher of the year (which comes with a big bonus) is nearly-perfect Amy Squirrel (Lucy Punch). Will Lucy get her implants? Will Amy dig up some dirt on Elizabeth to keep her away from Russell? Who will Russell choose? 



            So…yeah, this film was okay. I just think I could have done better without it. I understand that this film is supposed to be fictional but it was TOO fictional. There is no way any of what happened in the film could be true with today’s strict laws on teaching. Bad Santa with Bob Thornton was fictional but believable which made it more entertaining. Some may disagree with me because Elizabeth is using vulgar inappropriate language and wearing skimpy clothing (not escaping the fact that she is beautiful) and say that they love this film. Everyone has their opinion. I think the jokes are mediocre except for Russell; he didn’t really tell jokes, it was just his demeanor that was a little comical. Justin came from a completely different box with his character Russell. I wanted to not like him because of his want-to-be perfect and innocent everything but I also liked it when he can on the screen. Justin characters are always changing in each role that he does, even if it’s just a little, its noticeable. All in all, it was an okay watch and I will see this film again.