Toy Story 3


It has been fifteen years in the making with the Toy Story franchise, with the first one being made in 1995, the second in 1998 and now this film in 2010. I can honestly say that this has been the rare film trilogy where each film has gotten better and better. This movie is a great way to end the film series with nothing but a first rate movie. This picture is directed by Lee Unkrich, the same guy who co-directed the previous two movies.


The whole crew is back from the previous film, including favourites Woody voiced by Tom Hanks and Buzz voiced by Tim Allen. The toy’s owner Andy is seventeen and is heading off to college and he is uncertain of what to do with his toy collection. Through a series of mishaps the toys end up at Sunnyside Daycare in order to be frequently played with for which the toys are grateful because they had not been played with in quite some time. At first the toys are happy because they are greeted with a warm welcome by the fellow toys including there leader a teddy bear named Lotso. However, they quickly realize that the daycare center resembles a prison and they must escape in order to get back in the hands of there rightful owner Andy.


It is clear that Disney’s Pixar is handling this series with grand care because even though this is a kid’s movie it is handled in a way that does not talk down to kids. This is one of those rare film series that anyone of any age can enjoy. I am twenty three and I loved the movie and at no time during this movie did I feel that the movie was not for me. The voice acting across the board is first rate in this film, every one from Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Kusack, Michael Keaton and many others. The story is handled very well with many emotional moments between the toys as well as with the human characters as well. The visuals in this movie are fantastic, everything from the sets to the action scenes which are well done to the fullest. Although the last Toy Story movie was made in 1998 the franchise has not lost any steam and this final movie does not feel late, the timing is perfect for this movie. I have never loved a movie trilogy as much as this one and I am not going to lie I shed a tear when this movie ended because the Toy Story franchise is over. However, this film is an incredible way to end the series and it will be remembered for years to come as a true masterpiece.


This will be my shortest weakness section for a movie because this movie does not really have any of them. The movie really is flawless; the only thing that I did not feel was up to standard was the 3D for there really was not very much of it. Again that is such a small criticism because when the 3D is on screen it is captivating for the audience.


I do not like to make Academy Award predictions but for a movie like this I will. This movie will get nominated for best animated film and it will get nominated for best picture. I do not think it will win best picture but it would ne nice to see it for once. However, it will more than likely win best animated film.

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