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The Room (2003) : Scotchka Might Help


Written and Directed by Tommy Wiseau
Starring: Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero, Philip Haldiman, Carolyn Minnott, and Robyn Paris


What more can possibly be said about this movie gem? The general thought being “best/worst movie ever made.” I will certainly agree it’s one of the worst. There is so much terrible happening on the screen at every moment you have too laugh or shoot yourself (cough).

“The Room”, (which I’m guessing is named this because it mostly takes place in a poorly decorated living room.) stars Tommy Wiseau, (who also writes, directs and produces, he allows great credit time for us to notice this) as Johnny a young up in coming banker who is engaged to the love of his life Lisa (Juliette Danielle). When we first meet them they appear head or heels for each other and hopelessly attracted sexually, in fact we get our first sex scene about ten minutes in. A long drawn out mess of bad music, bad lighting, rose petals, unwanted naked body parts and Johnny thrusting into Lisa’s Belly Button.

The following day Lisa’s mother, Claudette, stops by for the plot point. Lisa is not happy in her relationship, finds Johnny boring and announces she is cheating on him. Mom give’s some great advice about marriage “not being about love” and that Johnny has “money“, she then touches Lisa’s nose and exits. Thanks for coming.

Immediately following this Lisa calls up Mark (Greg Sestero) a rebel with an attitude who we were lead to believe is Johnny’s best friend, but in fact is who Lisa is having the affair with. Using her feminine wit she coxes Mark to stop by and we get our second too long sex scene, twenty minutes in.

From this point on the movie has no idea where to go. As we sit through what Wiseau thinks makes good drama.

There’s the astonishing character, Denny. A teen who seems to be love struck with Johnny and Lisa at the same time, who’s being put through college with Johnny’s money. Money that Denny instead uses to by drugs with (I think) and ends up owing a large sum to his dealer (or something), which leads to perhaps the best scene in the entire movie. Up on the awful Green Screen roof top of the apartment.

.Claudette will also return later to tell her daughter she has breast cancer, which everyone just shrugs off and carries on.
Worst is the male bonding of tossing a football 2 feet and jogging endlessly through San Francisco.
As well as things like chicken dancing that I won’t get into.

When the movie does end with the most unsatisfying bang, you’re left with nothing. Maybe that’s the point, Life and Women are confusing?

Released originally in 2003, on a budget of 7 million dollars according to Wiseau ( money he reportedly made importing leather jackets) it was a total failure. However over the years it has reached a cult audience with fan support from stars like David Cross and Alec Baldwin.

Every month now the movie plays in Los Angles and New York, it also tours North America. Like the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” fans dress-up and openly heckle the screenings. Wiseau is also know to show up to these events and do Q and A’s. (he’s gone on record as saying he made it this bad on purpose. I think he just wants his 7 million back )

If you’re going to watch this cheese, try to see it at a screening or at least with a group of friends. Bring “Scotchka” (Scotch mixed with Vodka) Lisa’s favorite!


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