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X-Men Origins: Wolverine(2009)

What happened to you, 20th Century Fox? You seem intent on destroying franchises by making sure the runtime stick to about 90 minutes, despite the fact that plots may get cut short and more often than not the pacing feels rushed. But I digress, the movie that brings such questions to mind at the moment is X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The film stars Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, among others. It takes place mostly in Canada, but ventures other places.The movie starts with Wolverine as a kid, in the year 1845, as he witnesses the death of his parents. He sees their bodies, and quite literally, the claws come out. Victor Creed(Schreiber) follows young Logan(then known as James Howlett) through the woods, claiming that they’re brothers and should stick together. This is followed by a credit sequence that shows the two running through several different wars, at times dropping their weapons to pounce on the floor and claw their enemies to death. Victor tries to rape a woman in Vietnam, then kills another soldier who simply wants to stop him. The two are put in front of a firing squad, and because they survive, are asked to be on a “special team” by William Stryker(Huston). James sees what the team does and leaves, fleeing to Canada where he meets and falls in love with Kayla Silverfox. He’s now taken on the name Logan. Stryker finds Logan, and explains that Sabretooth is killing off members of the team, but Logan refuses to help. Victor ends up killing Kayla, and Logan takes the help of Stryker to defeat Sabretooth, getting Adamantium attached to his exoskeleton. Stryker betrays Logan, and Logan tries to get his revenge.Where do I start? The script is downright awful. The lines are never once well-written. Sabretooth in particular tends to say things he apparently doesn’t realize he’s saying. One line he says to a bartender is “I hope you have insurance on this place,” after which he takes the fight with wolverine outside, never really doing damage to the bar. Another line he screams while Logan walks away from the team:”You know we’re not just gonna let you leave!” Logan leaves, no struggle. There’s not much consistency in the film either. Logan is willing to defend Victor when he murders a fellow soldier, and nearly rapes an innocent villager, but just walks off when the team starts killing people?Adamantium is heavy enough to weigh down Logan’s bike, but when Stryker makes bullets of the material, the pistol doesn’t require adjustments to help it fire, and it’s not heavy at all? Not to mention a scene where Logan is thrown across a room with great ease. The jokes aren’t funny, the characters are barely written, and the evil scheme makes no real sense. Also, it’s called X-men Origins: Wolverine, and yet, it seems more  focused on where he got his jacket from the first movie, and his tendency to drive Motorcycles than the rest of his character. And Wolverine(in the film) ends up as basically a character who seemingly can never, ever be destroyed–the movie seems to make that quite clear. Yet at the same time, while we know this is a prequel, and he can’t possibly die in the movie– while that knowledge is VERY,VERY obvious– they have a scene where we’re supposed to be convinced that he’s dead(with a dramatic pause and everything).The editing is rather choppy at times,  at one point Wolverine is standing, then suddenly there’s a shot of him flexing and screaming. In fact, Logan does a LOT of screaming in this film. There’s about three of the typical “hero holding body, screaming to the sky” pan out shots in the film. The action is very ridiculous as well. In one scene, Logan jumps onto a helicopter and slices it down just after being blown up in a barn, and blown off of a motorcycle by a tank. In another, he blocks a cyclops-style laser-beam with just his claws. Now, I’m no scientist, but I always thought light seeped through gaps. In another, Logan is slashing the ladder to a fire escape and suddenly, the entire thing somehow comes off the wall, forget the fact it’s bolted in, Logan can do whatever he wants. None of the actors are very entertaining, aside from Ryan Reynolds’ very small part. Taylor Kitsch is Gambit, and is supposed to be Cajun, but maintains the accent only for a couple seconds really. Everything in the film is very rushed to fit a 90 minute runtime. Many of the effects are lackluster: at times the claws look terrible(after three other movies, how does this happen?), the slashing of the fire escape, the “Deadpool” that is made at the end(by that, I mean every effect associated with him).Now, I’ve read the comics, I don’t let that change my judgement. I liked the deviation in Fight Club better than the books, and I quite enjoyed Constantine despite various changes from the source material. But I do think if they had stuck with the story in “Origins” that they only skimmed at the beginning of the movie, it would have been much more entertaining than the end result. All I hope is that the Deadpool spin-off isn’t at all effected by the quality of this film. This is terribly written, and simply made to get money off of people who like ridiculous, mindless action.  If you’re one of those people, then by all means, watch this film. If not, good for you.

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