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My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)

A hilarious comedy directed by Howard Deutch.  Some might find this one offensive but if you watch it with an open mind, prepared for crudeness, then you’ll really enjoy it, as did I. 

Dane Cook (Tank Turner) is absolutely gorgeous looking.  He also has a special ‘talent’ – he can make a woman feel like crap and give her the worst first date of her life.  How does he do this?  He chooses the most distasteful restaurant, makes insulting comments about his date when placing her food order “she could use a little more famine and a little less fried”, plays loud music in his car offering his date cigarette filters as ear plugs and insists on going dutch with the petrol.  Why does he do this?  He’s paid by desperate ex boyfriends to make them ‘look good’ after a nightmare date with Tank. 

However, he meets his match when his best friend, Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires him to ‘work his magic’ on the lady he’s in love with, Alexis (Kate Hudson).  Alexis is not perturbed by his odious taste in music or his date venue which happened to be a strip club.  When Alexis offers Tank to come upstairs to her apartment, he shocks himself when he refuses.  For a brief period his loyalty to his best friend wins but then a secret sexual relationship commences between Alexis and Tank. 

When Dustin finds out about the relationship, their friendship is more than momentarily affected.  More importantly, Tank finds himself in alien territory – he falls in love with Alexis.  He tries to seek direction from his father (Alec Baldwin) but this is a fruitless exercise as his father is as blasé about women as he is or was.   

Tank has a reputation that precedes him and in order to ‘save’ Alexis, despite his feelings for her, and his friendship with Dustin, he must be the person that he’s expected to be – a mutt!  He succeeds. 

This movie is pure comedic entertainment so all’s well that ends well.  Is their a moral to this story? There certainly is – your past always catches up with you… Enjoy!


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