Last House on the Left

The original, in my mind, was not too great. Yes, Wes Craven revolutionized the genre, but did you see the genre before the film came out? Nothing great came out before 1972 that was too horror-esque besides the extremely creepy “Freaks” which came out in 1932 (to me, the original horror movie) and House on Haunted Hill (1959). But, the re-do is better, in my mind, because it is a gritty story of revenge that romps everywhere and makes you cheer and fear for the characters.

The Collingwood family is doing fine until one day daughter Mari (Sara Paxton) is raped and nearly killed until she is found and brought home. The group of people that did the heinous activities to her come knocking on their door, not knowing who the family is, to stay the night. Little do they know that the family knows who they are, and they are about to pay.

Best Aspects: Good story, thanks to Craven, and good, gritty action.

Bottom Line: B. Pretty good movie that doesn’t let you down if you are searching for a revenge story.

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