Hangover 2, a Mr. E Movie Review

When I heard this franchise was releasing a sequel I thought, “can lightning strike twice for the novelty that is the Hangover?” I mean the whole idea was this chance once in a lifetime chain of events that took a few buddies on one heck of a “What happens here, stays here” ride through Sin City itself.

Now your telling me they’re going to Bangkok? Alright I’ll bite.

After their last bachelor party the guys have really tried to move on which is easier said than done for some. Stu, played by Ed Helms, has found a new bride, whose not a hooker in Vegas, and is the one getting married this time only her family want them to marry in the orient. Stu is still paranoid since the last go around while Phil, played by Cooper, and Doug, played by Justin Bartha are ready to celebrate even though Stu wants to leave Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis, off the guest list. Arm twisting ensues and the whole gang ends up over seas with the bride-to-be’s minor brother Teddy, played by Mason Lee, thrown in the mix.

H2 has been described as “raunchier” by other critics and I’d have to agree. But that’s only because this time they had to step it up for the “shock factor“. I mean it kind of feels similar to the first one but its not. Its got its own feel, its own jokes, and a different structure all the way to the end? So don’t swallow all that “it’s a clone” business and see it yourself.

I loved how these guys really seemed to be engulfed by their roles. No sense of hesitation in them at all even when thrown into these outrageously embarrassing situations. (Poor Stu.) Filming felt raw enough to keep us “there” with the guys in the muck and the story was paced right along those lines as well.

Two personal notes before I go. One, Chow, aka Ken Jeong, is over the top hilarious in a good way while Alan, aka Galifianakis, was incredibly unlikable in a not so good way. (Sorry Zach.)

I’m given The Hangover 2 a slightly better than passing grade with 3 out of 5 stars and a recommend to anyone over the age of 18 whose got a warped sense of humor and an hour and a half to blow.