1985’s Brazil was a black comedy from Monty Python alumni Terry Gilliam. Jonathan Pryce and Robert Di Nero give outstanding performances in this dramamedy, which has one of the best endings I have ever seen. Though it leaves you sad and wondering, the film is a classic and has inspired many comedic and dramatic films since its creation.

The film is about a futuristic bureaucrat (Pryce) who is attempting to fix an administrative error. When he does so, he is labeled as an enemy to the state, and must be found. He and a man who was supposed to be murdered (Robert Di Nero), had Pryce not changed it, befriend each other and attempt to stick together to survive the bureaucratic extreme that was the government in their power trip to find and kill the both of them.

Best Aspects: Good writing, acting and an amazing ending.

Bottom Line: A. A classic film that EVERYONE should see.

2 thoughts on “Brazil”

  1. Yes, one of my all time favorites (I wrote a review I think….?)

    Anyway, this movie was the second in Gilliam’s trilogy to represent the stages of life. “Time Bandits” represents childhood, “Brazil” represents middle age, and “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” represents old age. I would recommend the other two movies highly if you liked Brazil. Definitely some of Gilliam’s best work, and all with equally twisted endings.

  2. I loved the Adventures of Baron Munchausen, but I have never heard of “Time Bandits.” I’ll have to look it up and watch it. Thank you for the gem find.

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