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Safe House – 4.5/5

Well its already the 2nd weekend in February and i have awarded two films an A- rating. Shocking?. The really good movies usually don’t start to come around until mid-march “See My Best Movie of the Year .. Lincoln Lawyer”. But with Chronicle and Safe House already closing the gap. And more potential films on the way (Act Of Valor & Project X) this year is starting to look promising. Safe House is Denzel Washington’s latest thrill ride. Its a step up from Taking Of Pelham 123 and the more notable Unstoppable. But Safe House is a true treat. A movie that i really enjoyed. A Film the explodes on the screen like no other movie so far this year. (Which is not saying much). Ryan Reynolds needed this rebound action movie (after the tragic and awful Green Lantern). He finally gets back onto my good side with this action film. The performances are where they should be for an action movie at this notch. When you get a movie with Washington in it. Your in for a true surprise. Sure its not like in his “Glory” days (pun intended). But that’s a given. Safe House is so far the best movie of the year (and believe me it will not stay there) so i’m not advertising it like that. But its a blast to watch in theaters. i mean they is violence almost the whole movie.. hence the “R” Rating for Strong Violence throughout.

Story: 4.5/5 After acquiring a seemingly invaluable file, rogue ex-CIA agent Tobin Frost flees to a US embassy while under fire. He is apprehended and placed in a safe house in South Africa, where young CIA-operative Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) acts as its guardian. The operatives interrogate Frost in order to reveal all of his criminal contacts. group of rebels interrupt the torture and kill everyone inside as Weston and Frost flee the scene. Now it seems as a cat and mouse game while Matt has to keep Robert under wraps until they can get to the nearest safe house. (Which won’t be for another 12hours).

Story: 4.5/5 – The story here, is good. I don’t know about you. But having a job running a safe house might be cool. Although its not entirely original it does provide us with great plot points and set pieces to the point where we want it to never end. Its truly a smart story that does boast great performances leading into Acting: 4.5/5 – This was another easy rate for me. Ryan Reynolds still shockingly has a career path. After the train-wreck that was Green Lantern. Safe House puts him back in good territory. While Ryan is a show stealer. The real show belongs to ??…you guessed it. Denzel. Much like his antagonist roles in American Gangster, people love to see Washington as the bad guy. Most people may also get some nostalgia from Training Day also. Who knows?. Directing – 4.0/5 – Spanish director Daniel Espinosa exploads onto the screen in his first american feature film. Directing mostly international motion pictures. He should be proud with this film. Being able to capture the intensity of some of the action sequences that probably will take your breath away for a moment or two. Visuals: 4/5 – the film takes place in South Africa which is nifty and creative and some of the films visuals provide us with a stunning look at some of Africa’s culture.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Safe House – define: an excruciating, mind blowing, action packed, ridcoulous and over the top testosterone goodness. For Lack of Better words. Crafty, Smart and bone a – fied masterpiece. With Washington at the top of his game, and an implausible third act. Safe House… its safe. to..see it. Now yes i said the third act of the movie and some of the action sequences are not even close to being remotely possible. But that is where the idea of it just being a movie comes into place. I’m not lying when i say the action makes you feel like your there and some sequences you probably will drop your jaw. But overall you should be happy with the films good ending. Great acting and decent directing. But much like Washington’s other work. This is a great film to attach to his resume. When the movie first started i was a little on edge. I was worried it was taking the wrong direction at which i was hoping it was going. But that theory was quickly thwarted. So for valentines day i suggest you should pick the most opposite movie out there and make a date to see Safe House. Because even though you could see the cheeky romance of The Vow. You can’r argue Denzel breaking peoples necks and kicking ass and taking names .. all at the same time.




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