The Vow – 3/5

When asked about the movie The Vow? i only had one things to say, is it a sappy romance movie?. Well my main answer to that question is no. Is it a little cliche and ridiculous? Yes. This is the type of movie where the actors and the writers do everything they possible can in order to make you feel sorry and sympathetic for the couple and sometimes it succeeds while other times, there is just that awkward silence. But thanks to the good casting of Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, who seem to be pros when it comes to this type of movie (The Notebook & Dear John). Now i can’t say the Vow is better than the Notebook, but it most definitely is better than Dear John. The Vow does have some major plot-points towards the end of the movie, which i did not see coming, and i also forgot the film is based on a true story. But nevertheless, The film starts of kind of slow and your just waiting for this life changing accident to happen while Channing Tatum does a voice over. Now why is it, in ever Channing Tatum movie he is doing a voice over????. Good question i don’t know, to be honest i was kind of sick of hearing by the films credits. But while i may say this movie is not concrete or amazing, it does provide a sense of relief and sadness that there is no shame is crying at. Now i did not cry, i just don’t think it was that strong of a movie to produce tears from me, but i could understand how someone could cry though. But chances are you can leave the tissues at home.

Story: 4.0/5 – The story follows or revolves around Leo & Paige (Tatum & McAdams). They are madly in love with each other, as we can tell from the films opening credits. But coming home in the middle of a snowstorm and getting rear-ended into a telephone, might change there lives forever. After weeks of recovery Paige finally wakes up and to everyone’s surprise does not remember anything within the last 4 years which would included Leo. Now Leo heart-broken and lost is determined to help her regain her last memory and make her fall back in love with him all over again. But with Paige’s parents, coming in the way of the picture and Paige’s ex-fiance Jeremy. Leo is beginning to struggle and wonder what else is it that he can possibly to. Hopefully he can make Paige once remember why they fell in love the first time.

Story: 4.0/5 – Now the reason why the story is rated so high, is because it is a true story, and although its really cheesy & sappy, there is still nothing wrong with it. I’m sure there were elements added to it, as only Hollywood film-makers can do. It still does take us all on an emotional roller-coaster ride. So i would suggest not seeing this movie unless you are dragged to it by your girlfriend (which i was). Still not the point. Acting: 3.0/5 – Well i must say the acting is not getting any award nominations anytime soon. Tatum and McAdams are this movie, without them i don’t know. The acting is not top notch but it does get a pass. Tatum has come a long way from when he was in “Shes the Man” and McAdams this is a huge step-down in her acting career and i feel for the most part, they did this movie, not for the story, but for the paycheck which is what i gathered. But hey who knows?. Directing: 3.0/5 – Directing, its nothing personal, but it was not what it could have been. In fact its worse. The simplest movie you can possible make, i should be giving the directing a 4 or 5, but sadly it just was not good. Some of the cut scenes were choppy and the tone of dramatic music took away from the non-tears i was not shedding.

Overall: 3/5 – It’s not as terrible as you might think, at times the movie does get a little to much to handle and there is chemistry between the two leads but its very little. But with a decent ending & Tatum and McAdams are likable enough. For me to reccomend The Vow. Now that is true i am reccomending this movie to the public, but its a very “mild” one at that. Vow is a movie strictly for the girls, although guys maybe tempted to sit down and watch it, stay away from it. Its a sappy romance flick, that is basically another excuse for Tatum to walk around with his shirt off. But if you wanna sit through it, then be my guess. But you have been warned, now for the ladies who if you have not see this movie already, that your decision as to weather you wanna see it or not. I would say most likely just wait for the DVD, but chances are, that is not gonna happen. With the box office numbers this movie is putting up, there is no way every female in america has not already seen this movie. Hmmm never the less guys if you want a movie to see while your ladies are off seeing this, go see Safe House, but in the meantime, i would be very clear and know you wanna sit down and watch this movie. Cause although its not terribly awful, its still a chick-flick.




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