Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure TERMINATOR SALVATION 2009


 Directed by MCG

Starring Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yeltchin

Unlike previous Terminator movies where a lone cyborg is sent from the future to fight in the past. Here a cyborg is awakened from the past to fight in the future. Relax i’m not giving anything away that wasn’t already spoiled in the trailer.

The original screenplay for T-4 resembles the matrix but when Christian Bale was signed on initially as Marcus Wright he somehow conned MCG and the producers to do the John Conner role. He also forced a massive rewrite session that completely destroyed the continuity of the original concept. Though the original script was a little daring and would have erked the living hell out of terminator fans including an ending so controversial fans no doubtedly would have thrown fruit at the screen and probably would have hired real terminators to seek out the director. The final product is a much more safe pg-13 affair that feels like an episode of the short lived television series rather than an epic horror/sci-fi concoction which is what it should have been… No offense MCG but fans had been waiting along time for this and all you had to do was make it R.

That being said T-4 is not really that bad. It is actually more dynamic in it’s approach to the mythology without necessarily slaving itself to the components of the more complex parts. At it’s best it is crude and ugly and violent. At it’s worst it doesn’t push hard enough. exp

What’s up with tossing humans around? I wanted to see these robots ripping peoples heads off or breaking rib cages, arms ripped from sockets etc.
The question of how John Connor is such a valuable fighter is never explored. Instead he is just better than everyone else?.. Exp:

breaking into sky-net with a simple pocket knife was rushed and should have been a longer and more perilous journey. And the reasoning behind skynet holding his daddy ransom so he will walk in is unsophisticated for a smart war game processor because in reality SKY-NET would have killed two birds with the same stone if they just killed Reese.
There were serious rewrites here and it is obvious the more i watch this movie. Some things don’t make sense like.. How does SKY-NET know who kyle Reese is? It sounds like a matter of convenience. What does Salvation really mean? I heard a neat story about the origin of this title, but the reasoning was removed from the final project the only thing that remains is the title TERMINATOR SALVATION?..

The sound here is where T-4 gets full credit in my opinion and an added star. From the opening graphic this movie creates a sort of metal menace that permeates through the surround sound and some scenes are nerve wracking as you can hear the vibrating sound of the killers life force as he peruses his prey, basically it’s like being chased by a power generator.

Despite the restrictions of not having hardcore violence, T-4 is ultimately a well crafted techno thriller that should find new life on Blue-ray and DVD.

Crank the bass up on your player and enjoy this one. It is loud!!

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  1. but it sucked… BAD. This film was terrible and was in no way a thriller. Random Bale-ranting and Worthington’s pitiful excuse of acting (though he did ultimately save the film). I find it kind of funny how John Connor transformed from Nick Stahl to Christian “I’m Bloody English” Bale. But hey, what’s another ruining sequel to Cameron’s masterwork, huh?

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