Chronicle – 4.5/5

Chronicle is by far the biggest surprise movie i have had the pleasure to come across?!!. A movie with a mere run time of only 85mins?!. (Minus the 10mins for Credits!) .. so a movie only and 1hr and 15mins?. And can capture in-depth character & plot development?. I’m for lack of a better word .. impressed beyond relieve. Josh Tank my hat goes of to you..taking a concept that has been overlay done to death, and making stars out of Alex Russel & Micheal B. Jordan. Chronicle is truly a original and unique movie that defies the odds, by delivering heavy effects that are so impressive and fun to watch. And it begs us all the question, if we had these powers what would we do?. And Chronicle answers that question more clearer than ever. Chronicle is obviously not realistic by any means. But makes us all leave the confined of reality and gives us the chance to explore something so daring and incredible. As far as the camera tricks, for the style of shooting, i really had no problem with the overall outcome of the movies final product. But Chronicle will probably shock some people. As the movie starts out all nice and funny and probably the best parts of the movie. But towards the film’s third act, the film takes a turn for the worse, much like the films trailer how things go from seemingly good to bad to worse. But still even though the movie is highly dark at moments. Chronicle is still a fantastic movie that is worthy of multiple views.

Story:4.5/5 – Andrew (Dane DeHaan) is a high-school student with alot on his mind. Suffering from a very abusive father, a mother dying of cancer & bullies at school. He decides to purchase a camera and doc*ment everything that happens in his life. He finds enlightenment in his cousin Matt (Alex Russell). After Matt asks Andrew to attend a party out at a local barn with him. He meets Steve (Micheal B. Jordan) the pure definition of popularity a quarterback for his school and running for class president. The trio, Matt, Steve & Andrew, discover something very interesting in a hole nearby there party and the events the begin to unfold are things that can not be explained. Over the next few weeks the trio begin to find things about themselves, they have super-human abilities. They can fly, levitate and all posses telekinetic powers. But after a run in with a local hillbilly in his car which leads to him being in the hospital, the trio declares rules as to how to use powers. 1. Not when your angry. 2. Not on living things. Over the next months various things being to happen With Andrew as the stress level gets put on an all time high. Before he comes to powerful Matt & Steve will be the only ones that can stop him.

Story: 4.5/5 – The Story here is genius. A Story based off Matt Landis and Josh Trank themselves. No comic book here. Pure originality. Its not like recent faux doc*mentaries. (Devil Inside or Paranormal Activity) this takes it to new levels taking the superhero genre with it. It may remind of you X-Men, which is by no means bad, X-Men are my favorite superheros. But Josh Trank, which previously has had little to none directing experience and for his first feature film debut and to basically hit a home-run. That is very impressive. Acting:4.5/5 – basically a cast of unknowns. Which all these movies have. Micheal B. Jordan, Alex Russel and Dean DeHann are sure to rise in the star power realm here soon. This movie will i’m almost positive launch there future careers as actors. There performances here were very good, believable and impressive. So for that i once again comment on the casting. And i’m sure the actors were grateful for the opportunity. Directing: 4.5/5 – Man o man i can’t say it enough. Josh Trank in his first directorial debut masters the art in one 1hr and 25min movie. And the movie perfectly gets its point and story across in the short period of time and believe it feels longer than that. It feels like 2hrs. But trust me its not.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Chronicle is the type of film where you learn as you go. A film that is very effects heavy and never holds back. In an astounding 83mins. Perfectly assembles character and plot development!?. Wow Chronicle is a terrific, heart-stopping and simply amazing. Now this is a little to early to be saying, but this is the best movie i have seen this year. But that is not saying much considering nothing has really stood out to me this year. But teenagers should flock to see this movie and be entertained. It does not start of slow either it gets right into it and for a moviegoer there is nothing else you could ask for. The acting was top-notch and the directing was fantastic. Its not like your clover field movie here. Another thing that i think we should comment on is that the film is not predictable by any-means. There were so many things that threw me off guard. So that again is all in the writing and to have such a great story here based off of nothing. I’m sure something inspired it. But for the most part what your seeing is a true writer (Matt Landis) at work. The last act is one to watch as it just builds on itself and you never know where it is heading. It just keeps going and going. Chronicle is just a movie you and your friends can watch and enjoy over and over again.




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