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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Gavin Hood, a reknown South African director, made this film, which I truly looked forward to seeing because when I think action, oh yeah, I freaking think Hugh Jackman. Hood directed one of the best and most original coming of age tales set in a world that is more horrible than the people in it, Tsotsi, and I had a greater amount of respect and hope coming into this movie from that fact. The thing is, and please excuse my French, The movie is utter shit. When you mix too many things around and make a horrible story that makes even less sense the the characters and the general backdrop, you get an awful movie, which is what you get from this. Its as if Hood said “You know what? Screw it. Disregard everything the comics said, and just fluff the hell out of Hugh Jackman, who always seems to be in a sleeveless muscle shirt. Pathetic excuse for a movie.

This film runs through the life of Logan (Wolverine) (played by Hugh Jackman) and involves such characters as Deadpool, Sabertooth, Gambit and of course Cyclops (you know, to make no sense whatsoever) so that the screenwriters of America can concoct another b.s. film from some made up story that is combined with terrible effects, and a huge budget that seemed to go all to the heavy list of actors in the film, and none of it was used on the actual making of the film.

Best aspects of this film? Well, one: Liev Schrieber does play a good bad guy, but his role even sucked in this film.

Worst aspect: The graphics and cheesiness were equally sickening. Terrible flick.

Bottom Line: F. One of the worst excuses for a film I have ever seen. Go Hollywood!

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  1. You give it an F well let me add to that I give this a fuck this movie this has got to be one of the worst superhero movies ever. Everything you said is right on point but I’m not even sorry some of the shit in this movie did not make sense what so ever especially that damn adamantium bullet don’t even get me started on that part. One other thing isn’t Deadpools nickname um the merc with a mouth and yet they shut him up. That was not Deadpool if they put this part in the Deadpool movie or since there actually making a sequel to this movie if they add this I will be pissed.

  2. I’m sorry but I have to disagree. I too was very exited about watching an installment about how Wolverine came to be who he was, and learn about his past. And I was very pleased with the outcome of what Gavin Hood had created. I thought his use of fx was amazing and the acting was incredible. The story was very interesting and easy to follow; I was not confused at any point during the movie, as to where this plot was going, I understood it completely and loved it too. Yes, you can say that this is a typical Hugh Jackman movie as he is partially naked throughout but because of the storyline and characters, the fact that he was naked did not draw my attention away from the movie itself; it showed more of the characters journey, it was the right thing to do at the right time. I’m sorry I have to disagree, I give this film an A / 9 out of 10

  3. You are right on with this review. Wolverine sucked massively, and I was a pretty big fan of all 3 of the other X-Men films (even the 3rd one). This was just straight garbage wrapped up in a pretty package of Hugh Jackman’s & Ryan Reynolds’s abs. The “romantic” storyline had me grabbing for a barf bag as well. “Utter shit”: couldn’t have said it better myself!

  4. thank you. this film really let me down because it… kinda had potential, and though I love Gavin Hood for Tsotsi, this brought my thoughts about him down a good bit.

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