District 9

A lot of films come out every year and 2009 has really produced some amazing films, District 9 is the best so far. District 9 is a Sci-Fi film directed by Neill Blomkamp and starring Sharlto Copey, Jason Cope and Robert Hoggs.

The film begins 28 years in the past where a strange UFO type ship has suddenly appeared above Johannesburg and isn’t doing anything. When humans blast their way in they discover a race of insectoid non.human aliens who are malnourished and can’t speak human language. they are identified as prawns because of their appearance and soon become hated by humans. 28 years later the aliens have moved into slums in Johannesburg and are confined to these slums, because humans find them too annoying. Only a Nigerian gang live among the prawns and deal in weapons and inter-species prostitution along with food dealing. The alien weapons cannot be used by humans because they are DNA based and these are also dealt through the black market. A MNU employee, named Wilkus van der Merwe ,who deals with alien connections and leads a plan to move all aliens (1.8 million) 240 km from any human to a badly constructed camp for prawns. During the eviction stage, Wilkus accidentally sprays an unknown alien liquid into his face and mouth and he feels very queasy and vomits. He goes home to a surprise congratulations party but passes out. At the hospital his bandages (after being attacked by a prawn earlier) are taken of and he is shocked to discover his broken arm is now a prawn arm. He is then led away to a secret MNU base where they learn he can use alien technology and decide to cut out his organs to create more soldiers who can operate the advanced technology. He breaks out and escapes to the one place they wouldn’t look for him, the prawn slums, where he is led on a huge adventure where he must face cannibalistic Nigerians, MNU soldiers tracking him down and a rogue alien who is planning a getaway.

The films direction is the best i’ve seen for a long time. The film is shot three quarters documentary style, with other scenes being a normal movie. It is really believable and you truly begin to believe the alien ship was discovered in Johannesburg. Even the scenes that aren’t documentary style have a believability about them due to the great acting. the aliens have been very well designed and aren’t what you would expect a alien to look like in an sci-fi action film. they are weak scavengers who look like they haven’t had a meal in decades. However, they are very believable mainly due to the great CGI that nearly tops transformers in terms of realism and the fact that the humans are so comfortable around them in the film.

The acting is incredible. Sharlto Copey as Wilkus gives an amazing performance as the MNU employee turned alien halfbreed fugitive. When he is captured and is confused and scared, he is unbelievably believable and you can really relate to him. other actors such as Jason Cope also give amazing performances and it seems that everyone in the movie gave it their all to do one hell of a film. the movies mix of drama, suspense and full on action is incredible and the movie moves at a pace that never leaves you bored or wanting it to move along. the kills are satisfying and the explosions are really cool. the climactic battle towards the very end is one hell of a fight, sure it aint pumped up action like Tranformers, but, damn it is cool. the ending (i won’t give it away) is one of the best all year, and all i’ll say is that you will either love it or hate it.

overall, District 9 is so far, my favourite movie of 2009 and will surely be on my top ten lists at the end of the year. it is gonna be hard to top this film as literally ever second had me glued to the screen. Pumped up action and great drama, coupled with amazing CGI and acting, make this film one that shouldn’t be missed. I would recommend it to anyone, but be warned, the kills are pretty gruesome and there is much swearing. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!

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