Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese’s SHUTTER ISLAND was fantastic. Set in the 1940’s on an island where the, horrible and violent, psychologically disturbed offenders are imprisoned. Leonardo DiCaprio as a detective on a mission to uncover the secrets he’s notice, lurk in the the darkness of the island. Alone with his partner Mark Ruffalo, they have to get to the bottom of what the staff seems to be keeping from Teddy Daniels.

“What are they hiding in the lighthouse?”

“Where is RACHEL, and who is the 67?”

Shutter Island stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo who are two detectives that are fresh to each others acquaintances. Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) has a hidden agenda when it comes to this asylum. At this dwells the very man who murdered his wife. However, Daniels does not hold a grudge against this man, he only wants to get behind the secrets of the facilities activities. His suspicions, fueled by his WWII memories, lead both him and his partner on a mind reflecting thrill ride to remember. With no help from guards, staff, patients or the observative doctor Crawly, Daniels must follow his train of thought to reveal the truth.

Martin Scorsese has out done himself, once again. I feel the essence of his directing throughout the entire picture. He still keeps the divine shots he’s been getting for years in a “straight to classic” movie, during the age of ridiculous callow movie production.

DiCaprio, as well, has only complimented his already gross acting artistry with this follow up to The Departed. The future only shows great promise for this Genuine actor. In his old age, i guarantee he will be looked upon as, “One of the greats.” 

I’m a great Martin Scorsese fan. Along with TARANTINO, STONE, CAPPOLA, LEONE and so on. I felt, this was the best mystery in days and more. Completely delighted by the whole delivery and experience of the film. I say all should take a peek at this flick if you enjoy the genre and especially if you are a die-hard Scorsese Fan. 

Thank you for reading my opinion, i hope my words help in any and every cinematic experience you may have. I hope my review properly contrasts this film, and if not; i apologize.


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