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The Films I Cried During

Now I am a man, and we aren’t supposed to have feelings, because feelings are gay, and though this is a truth among men, I can’t help but cry sometimes if the beauty of something or the level of sadness that I am watching is at a level of extreme or is just so damn beautiful. I really think that these films are great, some of them being my favorites, some of them not, but nonetheless, these films brought tears to my eyes for a reason, be it good or bad.

> Old Yeller (1957) – That’s a given.

> Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987) – When Ira Newborn’s score hit and the plot twist was revealed and John Candy looked hopeless, the tears just flowed. I watch this movie every year at Thanksgiving with the family, and still have that feeling (though I do not cry now).

> Cast Away (2000) – When I was eight I saw this movie, and when Wilson floated away, I just bawled.

> Final Destination (2000) – This film literally scared the piss out of me. Again, I was eight, and I was so scared I cried.

> Requiem For a Dream (2000) – I did a lot of crying in 2000, but I had to wait until 2004 to see this masterpiece. I cried during this movie from the absolute realism of the sadness involved and the amazing score that was Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet.

> The Wrestler (2008) – Yes, another Aronofsky film that tingled my spine and filled my eyes with tears.

> Passengers (2008) – Now, I didn’t cry in this movie because of the movie… okay maybe I did, but the most beautiful score ever from Edward Shearmur sure as hell helped.


> World’s Greatest Dad (2009) – Possibly the sadest and one of the funniest movies ever, World’s Greatest Dad is truly a masterpiece….. And it was made by Bobcat Goldthwait!!!!

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  1. Quite the interesting list. My thoughts, I am also a man.

    Well everyone cries during Old Yeller.

    Never saw Plains, Trains.

    I cried when Wilson floated away also, saddest thing ever.

    Final Destination…… hmmm, haha. I understand since you were young, but… still.

    Requiem is my number 4 movie of all time, and I’ve only been able to watch it twice. I remeber when I first watched it, I literally sat on my bed for the rest of the day and didn’t say anything. They should show that movie to every high school in America.

    I love The Wrestler, but I didn’t cry. I never thought it was that sad at any point, but I still love it and think it’s the best movie of 2008. Also
    Micky deserved the Oscar.

    Never heard of Passengers.

    Now World’s Greatest Dad, really? I didn’t like the first 40 minutes and after that it was one of the funniest movies ever. I didn’t care about the kid in the slightest, and half way through it got funny. I gave it 2/5, so I disagree with you on there.

  2. well, The wrestler, i felt more sad for him than cried, so that probably shouldn’t really be on there. and on World’s Greatest Dad, when the kid killed himself and Robin Williams broke down, that was the perfect example of acting, and i feel that it was masterfully done. and the only reason I cried during Final Destination was because I was scared. I mean jesus, a guy got his head sliced off by a piece of car metal.

  3. 2 movies i cried on well first one has to be Mystic River. The second one was Braveheart :P

  4. Perhaps my list of ‘crying’ movies will differ substantially a. because I’m a woman and b. because of my age. Two ‘oldies’ that left me gasping for breath were “The Champ” (Jon Voigt, Faye Dunaway & Ricky Schroder) and “Kramer vs Kramer” (Meryl Streep & Dustin Hoffman). Also sobbed uncontrollably during “Beaches” with Bette Midler. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Hectically heartbreaking was “Losing Isiah” with Jessica Lange, Halle Berry & Samuel L Jackson. Another tear-jerker was “A walk to Remember” with Mandy Moore and more recently, “Country Strong” with Gwyneth Paltrow.

  5. Hey, man, I never cried during a film. Not once. :D..but I still have feelings..

    On a serious note, movies make me immensely emotional. I don’t cry, I’m not sure why but they do affect me.

    The movies that made me highly emotional are:

    Kramer vs Kramer: Every single scene. Beauty. Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep…perfect movie and truly touches the heart.

    Dead Poets Society: The ending…(figuratively speaking) tears…

    Terms of Endearment: That goes without saying.


    Braveheart: Not so much as tears, just goosebumps. Freeedoommmm!

  6. Yeah man. I mean, its fine that you haven’t cried during a film, but they still effect you. Like, Memento and Inception effect me to this day, though I don’t cry about them. Good Will Hunting KILLS and many others because I can connect my life to the characters and events (the ending man? Jesus). So yeah, I completely see where you are coming from.

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