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War Horse ( 2011 ) – Review

War Horse staring: Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson and David Thewlis is a Drama, History and War genre movie taking place shortly before, during and to the end of World War I.

When an injured and drinking farmer buys a beautiful young horse instead of a plough animal, his wife is outraged.  However his teenage son, Albert ( Jeremy Irvine ), bonds quite well with the young horse named Joey, and they become very close.  But when the war starts up and Joey is sold to an Army-man as a battle horse, Albert makes a promise to Joey: that he will find him, no matter what the effort.  However, the war has other plans.  In the face of war, surrounded by life, death, happiness and misery, will Joey and Albert have the courage to fight through all that comes in their way to get back to each other?  Or will they even live long enough to have a chance?

This is a very powerful movie!  The whole time I was watching it I was engrossed!  War Horse is pretty unique in it’s story, and Director Steven Spielberg did such a marvelous job telling it that I would advise everyone to watch this movie, and perhaps even add it to your movie collection!  The movie is full of plot twists, you never know what’s coming next; you can be laughing one second and crying the next.

Unlike most movies that just focus on one story, War Horse has one surrounding, main story and many smaller stories within it which all lead back to the main story.  You get to know and become attached to many different characters, not just one or two like most films.  I was surprised to be so attached to Joey, the horse in this movie.  It’s amazing because he doesn’t talk, or cry, or anything humanoid, yet I feel for him!

War Horse takes place during World War I, given that and the name of the movie, war it’s self should be no surprise.  However, I would not recommend this movie for young children, as the war scenes may be a little more than they are ready for.  The war scenes aren’t horrible, but I was again surprised at the level of realism in it.  Most films, I would say, glorify war.  Not this one.  In this film the war scenes are emotional, and you feel for the people in the battles.

I feel this movie is such a great movie that everyone should see it!  If you have young kids ( 8 and younger I’d say ), you may want to wait to let them see it though.  I have to give this film my first ever five stars rating because it was such an emotional, powerful, and meaningful movie!

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