Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Adventure,Drama The Eagle ( 2011 ) – Review

The Eagle ( 2011 ) – Review

The Eagle starring: Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland and directed by Kevin Macdonald is an Adventure and Drama genre film taking place in 140 AD Britain.

As Rome is taking over Britain, one symbol stands out above all others: the Eagle.  Symbolizing everything that Rome stands for, it’s their pride and joy.  But then a Roman commander leads the Ninth legion into Northern Britain with it and they are never seen again.  Twenty years later, that commander’s son, Marcus ( Channing Tatum ), along with his slave Esca ( Jamie Bell ), set out to find the Eagle and restore his family’s name.  However, an entire legion didn’t disappear because of nothing, and they will have their work cut of for themselves if they are to get out alive.

This movie is a great war movie.  It has a number of fight scenes, and they don’t try very hard to hide what happens in them.  These fight scenes are great shows of courage and are pumping with testosterone!  But this movie also has a great story line with it and you’ll be wanting the characters to win.

The characters themselves are well defined and don’t venture outside of the way they should act.  The main star, Marcus ( Tatum ), is a very brave, noble and caring person, as well as being a warrior and doing what he knows he has too.  His slave Esca ( Bell ), is a rebellious but loyal character and his actions do not disappoint.

I was however disappointed that they did not engage me the whole movie’s length.  There was a fair amount of time during the main body of the movie that I was not too interested in.  For a movie with so much potential, I was disappointed in that aspect.  However, they did have a superb ending to it!

If this movie is the type that you generally like, and since you are reading this I’ll assume it is, then you should probably see it.  It was a pretty good film in general, and I was glad I saw it.

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