Sixteen sixteen minutes what team wildcat! This movie stars Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu in their last year as wild cats.

This story is about a group of teens who decide what to do with their lives and future as they graduate and go in different directions. Their roads take them down a road of love, finding their true selves and singing it on their final play before they graduate.

┬áThis movie is NOT kid friendly. I sat next to a six and four year old who didn’t really get the movie. I mean you have Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens kiss in front of like millions of people at their senior “prom.” This movie deals with thing that I as a nineten year old deal with. Who to take for prom, what do I want to do with my life, go to college of my choice or my parents, and make the memories with my friends. These themes will not really make sense to children.

This movie in a musical aspect is dancy and lively. I can definetly relate to the song Scream that Zac sings. I undersatnd completely how he feels, choosing between his dream and what his dad wants and what his friend wants. The pressure builts up and you want to scream. Children on the other will not see this six and four year olds will like the music but not know the meaning behind the song. The songs are nice and I saw children clapping to the music.

Overall, this movie was good fun. I definelty remember my senior year andhow much I miss it, but the memories will be with me for life. I will also remember how hard it was for me to get into a college. Should I have gone to the school I choose or what my parents want? Hear the sarcasm, six and four year olds will certainly remember their senior year!