Sorority Row

There are a million reason why I should have hated this movie and zero reasons why I should have like it.  I knew I wasn’t going to like it and figured it would just be another opportunity to laugh as I watched this slasher movie.  A movie that stars cast members from MTV’s The Real World and The Hills is usually never a good starting point.

It actually pains me to say this now – I actually liked the movie.  By no means does that mean this film was good though.  Let me start off by talking about what I did like.  The death scenes were entertaining; there’s definitely a theme in the way the women get offed in this flick.  One of the main characters,Briana Evigan (Step Up 2) is actually pretty good.  She’s believable which can some times be tough for an actor to accomplish in a horror-type movie.

I will admit that I’m not the bravest of people when it comes to any kind of scary/slasher-esque movie.  I knew that the movie would end up with far less people than it began with, but I wasn’t prepared for actually jumping out of my skin every time one was killed.  Even though I could predict that the deaths were coming, I still found ways to be freaked out when they did.  Maybe that’s why I liked the movie.

So now for the what wasn’t so great in this movie.  How clichéd can you be to base a slasher film in a sorority?  For those not aware, this movie is a remake of the 1983 film, The House on Sorority Row.  Like many other films of this genre, the acting left something to be desired.  The girls in this film all justify a variety of stereotypes as well. 

Is it just me or does Rumer Willis only play characters that are a little off or different?  I’m not sure I buy her as an actress either.  Leah Pipes, who plays the head sorority sister, does play ’bitch’ very well, but I just felt she was trying too hard sometimes.

Overall, I would recommend this movie.  Just don’t expect much and when the movie is over, think about what the common thread is to the girls that are killed?  It will either make you laugh or cringe a little.

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