This is one of my shorter reviews.  The reason for that is I’m not sure I fully understood this film.  I think I have more questions than answers after having watched this movie. 

I was looking forward to seeing this movie after hearing lots of positive comments about it.  This indie sci-fi film was nothing like I thought it would be.  Just because I didn’t necessarily get it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good piece of filmmaking. 

The gist of this picture is that Sam Rockwell’s character has been working on the moon for three years.  After an accident, weird things begin to happen and Rockwell realizes that everything he thought he knew might not be the truth.  Rockwell acts almost entirely alone in this film and his performance is pretty great.  Kevin Spacey’s contribution to this film was much different from what I expected and it reminded me of just how creepy his voice can sound.

I would recommend this movie to others, if only for the performance of Rockwell.  I’d love to hear opinions of any one else who’s seen this film.

5 thoughts on “Moon”

  1. I thought Sam Rockwell was amazing in it, but I think I just didn’t get the concept. Yes, I understood about the cloning aspect, but just wasn’t really sure why it was happening. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan, mainly because I don’t understand what is happening a lot of the time. It just kinda goes over my head :)

  2. well, the cloning was happening so that the company that originally employed Sam Bell (Rockwell, in, agreeably, the best performance of the year if not ever) could have workers without having to pay for more, and the original Sam Bell had returned many years ago, and every time a new Sam awoke and an old Sam died, GERTY (I think his name is I can’t remember at the moment, so please don’t judge) rebooted himself and wasn’t allowed to tell the Sam about the previous ventures.

  3. Thanks for the additional info. Even when I don’t truly understand something, I still do my best to write a review on it for reasons just like this – someone reads it and is able to help fill in the holes.
    Thanks again!

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