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Carrie Holtz | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: Carrie Holtz

Grown Ups

Comedy takes many different forms and Adam Sandler has gone from childish to “grown up” as he tackles a more adult film while continuing to bring the laughs.  Grown Ups is the latest collaboration between Sandler and his go-to...

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She’s Out of My League

After watching a plethora of romantic comedies that try to entertain and fail, it was a great experience to watch a movie that probably would’ve bombed, but had the right mix of heart and humor to be a mild success.  She’s Out...

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When in Rome

Sometimes I wonder what it is exactly that gets a film made and released.  Is it the actor attached to the vehicle or is it the genre of vehicle that is the deciding factor?  When in Rome happens to be one of those movies that...

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Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Forget about the Alice you knew and loved growing up.  Now, picture a dark and twisted Tim Burton-esque setting with characters you loved as a child.  That is more like what you will see in the latest Alice in Wonderland...

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