Black Swan (2010)Darren Aronofsky directed Black Swan, which is an American psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, and Mila Kunis. The film centers around a prestigous ballet company and their production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Nina Sayers (Portman) is a young and budding ballerina trying to make her way to fame. Along the way, She has to battle with the competiition, Lily (Kunis) who has been especially flown in from San Francisco by her ballet teacher Thomas Leroy (Cassel).Nina is chosen to be the swan in swan lake and she is having trouble completely finishing the black swan because she can’t “let herself go” as her teacher says. She constantly practices and over works herself, even injuring her toes while practicing at home. Scratches begin to show on her back and Nina’s mother assumes that she has gone back to scratching herself. Nina’s mother immediately grabs a nail clipper and furiously clips her nails while ridiculing her. One night after practice is over, Lily comes to Nina’s house to apologize for talking to their teacher about her and asks if she would like to get a drink. Nina agrees and goes out, Lily slips Ecstacy into Nina’s drink and the two of them end up having a hot lesbian love experience in Nina’s bedroom. When Nina awakes she is all alone, her mother never woke her for practice so she shows up late to find Lily taking her place.The film has alot of mirrors in every scene and Nina sees her reflection move numerous times. The presence of mirrors allows any characters feelings to be expressed without words because alot of times the feeling can be seen on the face and in this case, Nina’s reflection is working against her so it adds depth to the movie in the terms of internal battle. In the world of ballet, mirrors are everywhere and it was fitting that Darren Aronofsky presented the story through mirrors. Like when Nina is practicing in front of Thomas (Cassel) the scene is the reflection of her dancing and him watching her.Critics have praised Portman for her acting in this movie and I’m not taking anything away from her, but her supporting actor Vincent Cassel definitely helped to make her character more credible. Cassel has been seen in other movies like Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen and Ocean’s 13. His sadistic teacher character was a perfect compliment to Portman’s introverted star ballerina. Their scenes together were highlighted with sexual tension and expression which was well warranted.Black Swan is a good movie, but a slow starter at the same time. It took time for Portman’s character to build her story and credibility, but it was needed since the story really revolved around her life. Mila Kunis did a good job supporting the cast along with Cassel and made her character worth getting to know. I would definitely reccomend it to anyone who likes movies. It gives the viewer an inside look at the world of ballet.