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Butterfly Effect 3 reviewed by twidle35

“Not saving someone’s life isn’t the same as killing them, Sam.” One of the more noticable quotes i have heard from the movie “The Butterfly Effect 3”. Now I wasnt expecting much when I went to watch this movie, as the second one looked terrible from the previews, I thought it was one of those series where the first ones good and thats the only good one. Now i was wrong, the third one was really great. Butterfly Effect 3 stars Chris Carmack and Rachel Miner as brother and sister in this thriller. Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) has the ability to go back in time, and find out who the murderers are to cases, and he uses this ability to help out cops. But whenever he ends up saving a life or changing anything in the past, his future ends up different and more people end up dying. In his attempt to find the murderer of his girlfriend, he goes through various situations, which cause more and more people to die. Now when i started watching this movie, and the opening scene started, What happend youd never see coming, and its so shocking and brutal, that I actually thought it was a bit to much. A mother is at the park with her son, and as they are leaving, a man comes up from behind and brutally beats the mothers head in, infront of the child, then takes off in their car. So if your skweemish, I recommend closing eyes for part of this, because it can get nasty.

The actors in this movie did an excellent job. Chris Carmack portrayed his role very well. Rachel Miner also did a job well done. Rachel miner has won 3 awards, and really shows it in this movie. All the actors really put this movie together, and this movie made up for the second.  The special effects in this movie were done well, and the overall storyline of this movie was really interesting. This movie will have you wanting to watch the whole thing, and you wont be disappointed or bored at any time during this movie. I didnt expect much, and I got alot.

Overall i give this movie a 4/5


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