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Shutter reviewed by twidle35

Joshua Jackson stars in this horror about a newly wed couple who moves to Japan to further Benjamins(Joshua Jackson) photography career. While driving to a tourist attraction late at night, the couple get in an accident, caused by what appeared to be a woman in the middle of the road that they accidently hit. Soon enough they find out she was already dead, and that they arent alone when its just them 2. Every picture that either Benjamin or Jane ( Rachel taylor) take, they see a spirit in the backround. Will they find out why this spirit is following them?

Well, I was really disappointed with this movie. The acting was terrible, the special effects werent all to great, and the story seemed thrown together and dragged on. I feel as Joshua Jackson (Winner of 6 awards and 7 nominations) could have done alot better in this movie. Although as bad as I felt this movie was, it could have been a bit better with different actors. Joshua didnt really bring the horror aspect i felt. Same with Rachael Taylor, In a way she did act out the horror in this movie, but i felt her acting was awkward. She didnt seem right in the role either. Now on to special effects, alot of the time i realized it was a green screen, and it was really obvious, for example when they are at the cabin taking photos, its clear as anything that they are using a green screen, but some effects at the same time were really well done. One of the better scenes with special effects was when the lights go out in the studio, and the camera starts flashing and each time the ghost is somewhere new, i thought that was pretty neat. Now as far as the story, I know this is a remake of the 2004 version, but this felt thrown together. This reminded me of the Grudge mixed with The Ring. Some scenes were not necessary, for example, the subway scene where the subway pulls into the station and when it goes by you see the ghosts face, but then the view gets blocked and when returned its a regular person, that felt like it was thrown in there.

If this movie was intended to be scary, it didnt work, this movie in no way i felt was scary, sure there were a few “freaky” scenes, but nothing to make someone jump or scream. If you are looking for a nice horror flick to scare yourself with, dont bother getting this one, waste of money, waste of time.

Scare rating 1.5/5

Overall rating 2/5


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