Dear Faithful Readers,

            I am writing to you today to make a new commitment in writing movie reviews; to make a declaration of my love for everything about the movies.  I have finally decided that instead of writing these reviews just as hobby I try to get to when I can; I want to take my reviews to the next level.  There will be a few changes that I will be making in the near future to my movie reviews that I hope will not only make them more enjoyable for you to read, but for me to write as well.  In the past I have taken on each review like a homework assignment, the wording was very formal and it was hard to allow my personality to come across by writing in this way.  The reviews will be written more from my point of view and opinion so that you feel I am sitting down with you face to face or talking on the phone about the latest movies we have seen.  I will also try to incorporate more information about the other aspects that make a movie great, not just the actors and director, but all other members of a cast and crew that have performed an outstanding job in creating these stories for the silver screen.  Other aspects like the soundtrack, trivia about the picture, and anything else I might think you will enjoy will start to find there way into the reviews.

            As part of my love of the movies I have a voracious appetite for all things movies including up and coming DVD releases, highly anticipated additions to the theater, and also news about what studio or director is doing what in Hollywood and I will try to predict what can be expected from “Tinsel-town” in the future.  Along with posting my reviews on my Facebook page, I will also post any little tidbits I think might be interesting for my fellow movie-goers.  From time to time I also plan to post editorials that discuss all different aspects of the movie-going experience. As always, please feel free to contact me with any feedback or information you might find interesting or might help in writing my reviews.  All communication is welcome, even if you do not agree with one of my reviews, but please, and I am sure I don’t need to say it; use polite conversation in stating your case.  We can all enrich each others lives and become movie buddies and not enemies.

            I look forward to hearing from you in the future and I look forward to seeing where these changes will take us.  You can always reach me at my Facebook page or my e-mail address:  Happy movie watching and as they say in Hollywood: “that’s a wrap!”  



Your movie buddy Shanna