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Shanna Wilson | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: Shanna Wilson

Shrek the Musical

            Recently released to Blu-Ray and DVD is the Broadway musical version of the classic story of our favorite ogre, Shrek.  Shrek the Musical is an adaptation of the beloved  movie Shrek.  All of the memorable characters...

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              Even today, over population and disease plague the human race.  In the movie Elysium the year is 2154 and these problems are exponentially greater.   To escape a world full of hardship, the future’s elite class has...

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Epic (2013)

               There seems to be a plethora of animated movies these days.  Just about every studio has ventured into the animated feature and this time 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios have come together and...

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Zero Dark Thirty

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, it was proven that the one man behind the bombings, the one who ordered the killing of more that 3,000 innocent Americans was a man by the name of Osama bin Laden.  A known U.S. aggressor...

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The Wolverine

Struggling with his immortality and the loss of all those he loves, Logan, otherwise known as the Wolverine, may have found an answer to his unending pain.  Summoned to Tokyo to say goodbye to a man whose life he saved many...

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