The Fourth Kind

I think or rather hope aliens exist and I saw the trailer for this and remembered thinking  it looked confusing and slapped together. After seeing the movie it still does have that feel a little bit however with the respect and points it lost on that end it gained in the area of pure creepiness and giving me goosebumps all over my body in some scenes.  I’m 25 years old and I have to say with all the movies I have seen in my life its hard to give me goosebumps or the chills. I by no means slept with the lights on afterwards or thought I was going to be abducted but it did convey a sense of suspense and mystery as to what was happening in that little Alaskan town.  The bad things that kind of ruined this movie for me was the whole “archived footage” vs. hollywood reenactment of those same pieces of footage. I am not going to ruin anything for anyone, it wasnt the greatest movie to come out last year but I would definitely suggest renting it on a dark night with the lights off and just have a good time with it. Dont expect that you will be ranting to your coworkers over it but overall a satisfying experience for its genre.  

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