“We can smell the money, over.” Well I’m sure they could, but not so sure that the makers of this film were thinking the same thing. I recently watched “The Bank Job” which stars Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows, Daniel Mays and Stephan moore as bank robbers in the UK. Based on a true story of the Baker street robbery, these theives plot out a plan to start in a store a few stores down from the bank, dig underground and come up through the floor of the bank vault. Everything seems to be going as planned, until someone hears these robbers communicating via walkie talkies. This figure than notifys the police, and the police try and locate the theives. But for some reason the things going wrong end up going wrong and working out better than planned.

At the beginning of this movie, all I had to say was one word, BOR-ING. The beginning of this movie had me wondering if I even wanted to continue watching, But as the movie progressed, it seemed to get a lot better. Not until the break in actually happens later on, does it actually get interesting. The dialogue in this movie at parts had me confused and I did not understand what was happening, but at other parts made up for it. What seemed to be an ordinary break in and move out of the country turned into a great twist, with an even greater ending. Trying not to give anything away here, but the fact that alot of people that had “private” items in that vault, which tied authoritys into it, made this movie really worth watching.

Although the acting wasnt done to well in my opionion, Jason Statham did an exceptionally well job in this movie. The actors just didnt click, like in most movies do. This movie had alot of english slang, and it was kind of annoying after a while. But nevertheless this movie saved itself with the ending, and was Good overall, I give it a 3/5