When I put this dvd in, i didnt know what to expect, i never seen any commericials for it, or heard anything in the news about it, so i just decided to see how it was. Ill have you know that i wasnt disapointed at all with this movie! The story line was great, acting was great, and the overall idea of this movie was really good. Don cheadle plays a former U.S Special Operations officer that sells detonators for bombs to islamic terrorists. Guy pearce and Neal McDonough play F.B.I agents trying to track down these terrorists to prevent further Attacks. The terrorist group create a plan to blow up 50 greyhound busses, one in each state, and spend lots of time finding 50 participants to carry out the mission. They are pretty sure the F.B.I cant stop them.

The acting in this movie was done very well. Don Cheadle from what I have seen in other movies is an amazing actor, and he didnt let down in this movie. You really get the feel of these charactors just because of the actors behind them. There are some parts that leave you with your jaw open, and others where you just want to say NOO!! And these actors made it happen.

After you find out what Samir was doing the whole time, it kind of leaves you wondering, but it gets explained in the ending. That was the only confusing part i found of this movie. Some parts inbetween can get boring as your expecting more as it is a movie about terrorist, where it is just dialogue that seems to drag on forever. But other than that there are no flaws with this movie that i could see. I recommend watching this film.