Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond“ Blood Diamond “ is an action thriller Staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou as the films main leads with Jennifer Connelly supporting, set in 1999 in Sierra Leone in Africa the story follows a fisherman, A diamond smuggler, journalist and a business man on a heart filling journey to get a the diamond, save the family and stop the flow of conflict diamonds in Africa a story which is sure to make you smile and cry.Blood diamond is about a journey through the troubled times in Africa when the rebels are selling diamonds to buy guns to fight a war against the African Army in which Danny Archer ( Leonardo DeCaprio ) is smuggling diamonds to be sold in the US. It all starts Solomon Vandy ( Djimon Hounsou ) a fisherman in Africa gets caught by rebels but his family gets away Solomon is then forced to work for the RUF Rebels and finds a diamond, he then gets away from the RUF by being caught by the African Army and put it jail in which Danny Archer is also in Danny then finds out about Solomon’s diamond and wants it, Solomon’s son then get caught and trained to become an RUF soldier. In which Danny makes a deal to help Solomon get him family back for a 50% cut of the diamond. Danny then meets a journalist called Maddy Bowen ( Jennifer Connelly ) who wants a story on the conflict diamonds being sold to the US in order to help put a stop to it she asks Danny to help her but he refuses, Danny then needs help so he finds Maddy and asks for help to find Solomon’s family and the diamond, in exchange for information for her story on conflict diamond in Africa. Maddy then takes them to Solomon’s family only for him to find his son Dia Vandy ( Kagiso Kuypers ) has been taken by the RUF. Danny and Solomon then keeping going to get the diamond in which the camp where the diamond is that’s where his son is staying as an RUF soldier.

I think Leonardo’s portrayal as Danny Archer is an excellent one he once again shows his superb acting skills in this role as Danny Archer the Diamond smuggler from Zimbabwe. This is was a much more mature acting role for Leonardo to take on but he seamed like he revealed in it, his character had the good guy bad guy personality going on and what a performance he did he showed both sides with amazing class from the part of looking to betray Solomon to the heart warming caring side of Danny. The part when Solomon and Danny fight because Solomon wants to see if his son is in the RUF camp but could get them both killed if they get seen I think it’s a great scene because it shows you both sides of Danny’s personality the bad guy selfish side and the good guy understanding side. I don’t think any another actor could have portrayed Danny Archer any better.

Djimon Hounsou as for being a Co-star I think not this mans performance as a powerful fisherman from Africa was breath taking, the emotion in Djimon’s face in the scene when he finds his wife was enough to tell me what this man must be going through in being torn apart from his family when he screams out loud in pain shaking the fence even while being hit with a gun by the guard was enough to make me cry . And there are many more scene’s where you can just watch him and you will know what pain or joy he is going through as if it was you. He put in a top class performance in showing us what it must feel like to be ripped away from your family and do everything in his power to be reunited with them. A role that was made for him.

My overall summery of this film is a very positive one because not only do you have an amazing action thriller you have a eye opening film which has an great appreciation of what the world is like and it shows a part of what happens in Africa during these times so in my opinion a great movie with superb acting from Leonardo DeCaprio and Djimon Hounsou, a top film that could make you cry tears of sadness but yet tears of joy. I recommend this film if you look for something heart warming and thrilling with plenty of beautiful sights in it.

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