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Son of Rambow: An Early Review

“Son of Rambow” stars Bill Milner, Will Poulter, Zofia Brooks, Neil Dudgeon, Tallulah Evans, and Jessica Hynes. It’s written and directed by Garth Jennings, who directed the incomprehensible “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It’s being released in the U.S. in limited theaters May, 2.

The story centers on two completely different kids who bond a growing relationship making a film titled “Son of Rambow”. Will (Bill Milner) is the eldest son of the Proudfoot family and comes across a bully in school named Lee Carter (Will Poulter). Lee Carter see a more submissive being in Will and uses him as his stuntman and promises to hurt him if he tells anyone. Leading us to the power of word of mouth.

The film doesn’t quite live up to my expectations, but these young actors have a sort of talent not fully displayed here. The adorable trailer and the sweet concept actually oversell “Son of Rambow”, giving the impression that this is going to be a feel good kids movie. The feel good aspect gets lost in the sappy and predictable ending. There is too much violence and a very profound use of foul language for it to be a kids movie, but it’s never mature enough for teens or adults to take it seriously. There is also a very unlikable self-indulgent character that features a razzie worthy hairdo and clothing similar to that featured in “Hook”.

The direction wasn’t bad, the story is sweet, but the film isn’t that good. This is the perfect example of a completely disorganized and uneven layout of a flick that could’ve been so much better. The acting was pretty decent, with the two lead roles carrying the film. Surprisingly, this was dull and never really captured the art of film-making. There are many poorly conducted scenes that actually felt like these youngsters were guiding the film instead of director Garth Jennings. What an embarrassment.

It’s hard to believe that adults will find this endearing with the excessive underage smoking and dirty habits these kids demonstrate on film. It’s not funny enough, nor is it intelligent enough to earn a recommendation. There wasn’t a single moment that the film truly touched me or sparked an emotional cord. Not once was I really entertained or had interest in the outcome of the film. “Son of Rambow” is a hardcore disappointment with nothing original to offer. Skills? I think not. To put it in English terms, it’s complete rubbish.

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