The Book of Eli

I went with some coworkers to see this movie opening night. The previews looked promising however I never judge a book by its cover so to speak. Yes the post apocalyptic barren future has been done so many times but this is about the book of eli so we will stick to talking about it I hope. Im going to start with what I felt makes this movie stick out. The color, the color, the color. I cant say that enough, the color of the land in the background very gray and dreary really give the movie the gritty feel that it needed to push the whole idea. With the gritty feel and color comes the amazing cinematography which includes the slow motion walking with the gorgeous and barren scenery in the background to the fast paced and very entertaining action scenes which were actually better than I expected. The storyline was delivered well and although I am not big into religious storylines I believe it was well fused and I felt the movie took an almost neutral pose in it position on the matter. I saw this twice in theatres and I recomend anyone who enjoyed it the first time to do it again because you miss so much or maybe just I did. I really have nothing bad to say about the film except I wished for maybe just a little bit more background on the history of how things came to be where the beginning of the film starts off.  Thanks and I hope this helps some eople decide to give it a chance. Send me some feedback if this was at all helpful or if I maybe left anything out.

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