I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry is about 2 friends Chuck(Adam Sandler) and Larry(Kevin James) who are firefighters. Larry lost his wife and has been a single father of 2 for a little over a year. While Chuck is single and is as most would call a male whore. Larry avoids doing anything with his dead wife’s stuff including her mail. By doing this he misses the deadline to change the beneficary for his life insurance. When he eventually gets around to trying to change it they tell him only way it can get changed is if he gets married or as a domestic partner. So Larry comes up with a plan that involves Chuck and himself becoming domestic partners.

  All doesn’t go well in this plan as when the file this paper work they get a home visit by a man named Clint Fitzer(Steve Buscemi). He concludes they are trying to defraud the state of New York and that they are really not gay. Meanwhile Chuck and Larry think its best if they go off and get some legal advice so they find themselves a lawyer out of the yellow pages. When they go to lawyer’s office she is smoking hot and instantly Chuck wants to get with Alex(Jessica Beil). She tells them best thing to do is run off to Canada and make it officially tie the knot get married. So they do but they doesn’t stop Fitzer from coming after them.

  Overall its a very funny movie i give its a B. I think it is a good movie cause it shows you gays in a new light. Gays are people just like the rest of us and should have same rights as any other married couples. Also it shows you how 2 true friends will go thru anything to help one another out.