Start Strek Review

I am in no shape for form a Star Trek Guy, however after the hype of this movie I was really looking forward to seeing this movie.First things first. I gotta give credit to the Sound and Effects people in this movie. It looked great.Captain T Kirk played by Chris Pine was intense to the right amount and just as equally funny. But my boy Sylar (Zachary Quinto) was BADASS as Spock. Also Leonard Nimoy coming back as Future Spock was kinda cool.The Story for me was ok didnt get me into it all that much. Basically, Nero and a bunch of Romulans are putting black holes on planets to indulge the planet. Its up to Starfleet to stop them.I liked the movie but after it was all said and done I just dont really have much to say about it not saying it was bad or amazingly good. Its a good popcorn movie where your brain shuts down and your attention goes to the special effects. But the Heart and soul of this movie is Pine and Quinto and their bickering it kept the movie flow going niceley.I can Imagine Star Trek being a Blue Ray Must Buy!

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