Twilight: New Moon is the 2nd installment of the Twilight Saga in this one Bella(Kristin Stewart) is celebrating her 18th birthday. Alice Cullen(Ashely Greene) throws her a birthday party and of course Bella doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday because she feels she’s getting to old while Edward(Robert Pattinson) is staying same age. While at party she’s opening a present when she gets a paper cut and Jasper(Jackson Rathbone) can’t resist the blood and tries to attack Bella and Edward has to stop him.

  Edward now realizes Bella truly will never be safe around them the temptation of her blood is just to much for everyone. So he and the rest of the family decide its time to leave Forks. Edward tells Bella he doesn’t want her no more so that she will let them leave and not try to follow. Bella is crushed by this and falls into a deep depression for several months. Her father Charlie(Billy Burke) wants to ship her to her mothers in Jacksonville, Florida. Bella talks him out of it and tells her he is over it now and will start having normal life.

  She later figures out if she does anything dangerous she can see pale image of Edward and hear his voice. So she takes 2 motorcycles to her friend Jacob(Taylor Lautner) house and see’s if he can repair them for them to practice riding them on. Little does Jacob know that Bella only wants to do this to hear Edward’s voice and see his image. While Bella and Jacob spend all this time together they start to get close and Bella starts to realize that Jacob has strong feelings for her.

  Bella later on wonder’s in woods where her and Edward spent some time once hoping that this would bring back his voice and image as Jacob was not returning her calls and she doesn’t know why. While out there she runs into another vampire Laurent(Edi Gathegi) who was coming to see if Cullen’s were still around. Bella tells him the Cullens are away for short while but Laurent doesn’t believe her and says he just can’t resist her blood and must have her when a pack of wolves appear and chase down Laurent and rip him to shreds. Bella later on finds out Jacob and his friends are werewolves and there job is to protect there people from the vampires.

  Bella jumps off cliff into water to get adrenaline going so she can hear Edwards voice but hits hear head underwater and has to be rescued by Jacob. When Jacob takes her home there about to kiss when Jacob realizes there is a vampire in the house and insist on getting Bella out of there but Bella recognizes the cullens car and runs in. She finds Alice there and Alice ask her how she is there she seen in her vision Bella go into water but never come out.

  Edward things Bella is dead so he heads to Italy to have the Volturi kill him he doesn’t want to live without Bella. So Alice tells Bella they must hurry and rush to Italy to save Edward but Jacob tells her not to go he walked out on you let him make his own decision. So will Bella choose Edward or Jacob.

  This movies was 10 times better then the first one I look forward to seeing the rest of this series play out on the big screen. I give it a B