Kung Pow isn’t your normal movie, it takes a gamble for a different way to do a film, and wins. Kung pow is a Comedy film Directed by and Starring Steve Oedekerk.

The film opens with an unknown man killing a family and then moving onto the baby, they are scared of the baby and name it the chosen one. One man stays and fights the baby which is extremely skilled in Kung Fu. The baby escapes and grows up to become a man known only as the chosen one throughout the entire film (Oedekerk), It then shows him fighting many enemies for a while. The film then comes to a small Chinese village where a man named Master Pain comes to look for the chosen one (not realising Oedekerk is him) and beats random people and cuts off their toes. The chosen one realises that Master Pain is the one who killed his family and vows to avenge them. He meets many people in the village such as Master Tang who is incredibly random, Wimp Lo who was trained wrong as a joke and wears squeaky shoes and Ling, who has a habit of making weird noises. He then goes on a search for Master Pain (who now wants to be called Betty) and kill anyone in his way, Meeting a one boobed lady, A fighting Cow and french aliens.

Kung pow is a film that is made using the footage from other films and dubs over them with very silly voices. even though it does have footage of it’s own, the dubbed parts are the best (even though even the films own footage is dubbed aswell). The characters are all funny and memorable, Oedekerk has done a great job of giving every single person in the film a great voice and dialogue. One scene includes a man who looks as though he is speaking calmly but what comes out is an extremely loud scream of words (THATS ALOTTA NUTS!!!) these scenes are incredibly funny and really memorable. The chosen one is a great main character who is funny and kicks ass. One scene has him fight a cow and after a brief moment of getting beat, he beats bit down. 

The footage has been put together well and makes a pretty decent plot even if some scenes are randomly added in between. CGI also holds up well, with the effects looking real and believable, only some minor instances such as the cow after being beaten looking fake. Oedekerk has been added digitally to some scenes and his head pasted over the head of the original actor and these are really convincing as-well as making the plot run smooth. The film is incredibly funny and even the small details such as background dialogue has been tweaked to be funny. The humour in some areas, is quite clever and can take a bit of thinking to get, one scene has a scene when two characters don’t move their lips and say they are ventriloquists then throw their voices at walls to trick the enemy.

Overall, Kung Pow is an awesome film, with kick-ass action and fights that are funny and cool, great funny humour and dialogue and a pretty good soundtrack. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, but parents be warned their is one scene where it deals with sex. Don’t miss this great film.