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Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.02.37 AMAfter the last two Jurassic Park sequels, I had to ask myself if we really needed another? I’m not sure if I can still answer that question with a yes. But, it is much better than the last two, that’s for sure. However; once the chaos in the park started I couldn’t help but think, is this really happening all over again? The first hour of the movie is so slow! Jurassic Park was slow as well, but it kept my attention because it was setting us up for something we had never seen before.

There has been a lot of talk about Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire in the movie. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the critics on this one. Her character is the stereotypical business woman who needs a man, Chris Pratt’s character, Owen to strip away the business and make her seem like a person with feelings. The kids in the movie really dragged it down for me. There is a “surprise” subplot about their family life that is so cliche and did nothing to make me root for them. Lazy writing.

There were a lot of throwbacks to the original movie, which was fantastic. Be on the lookout for the DNA dude from John Hammond’s Jurassic Park video.

Reasons it almost doesn’t make my list:
1) The subplots
2) The two kids
3) Predictable characters/situations

Reasons it makes my list:
1) Jake Johnson’s character
2) Dinosaur fights (very violent)
3) Chris Pratt’s character (needed more screen time)

Jurassic World is rated PG-13, but be careful. The movie is extremely violent. That was the one thing I heard many people talking about after the movie screening was whether or not kids under 12 should be in the audience.

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